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Zinc Oxide


Although zinc oxide can be found in nature as the mineral zincite, most zinc oxide is manufactured synthetically. Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound commonly utilized as a white pigment in paints and glazes, as the active component in sunscreen and as an additive to rubber and plastic. It is also used in lubricants, ointments, adhesives, sealants, foods, batteries, fire retardants, first-aid tapes, ceramics, glass and cement, and we're still discovering new and innovative uses for zinc oxide as we make advances in technologies such as renewable energy, medicine and pharmacology, agriculture and the design and development of new age materials.

In short, zinc oxide is commonly used in the production of:

  • Rubber
  • Paints
  • Ceramics and glazes
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Floor tiles and linoleum
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical products

M.R. Zinc manufactures the following various grades of Zinc Oxide:

  • Pharmaceutical (BP) grade
  • Rubber grade
  • Paint grade
  • Pelletised grade
  • Feed grade
  • Aerial spray grade
  • A.G. spray grade
  • Ceramic grade