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M.R. Zinc is the largest recycler of both new and end-of-life zinc residues and zinc scrap in South Africa.

As a major producer of zinc products in Africa, M.R. Zinc consumes and converts residues in cradle-to-grave processes, sourcing from local and international markets:

  • Continuous galvanising top dross
  • General galvanising bottom and top dross
  • Crude and fine ash
  • Zinc skimmings
  • Zinc blowings (blue powder)
  • General zinc residues
  • Other new and end of life zinc scrap

We are also a consumer of primary zinc.

M.R. Zinc adheres to all environmental regulations and Government legislation.

By maintaining an impeccable standard of integrity and accountability in all our business processes, M.R. Zinc implements sustainable processes to recover secondary zinc products.

M.R. Zinc, through internal regulation, abide by transparent and ethical procurement principles and practices. Furthermore, we strive to leverage value through strategic partnerships with suppliers to create and maintain symbiotic relationships with stakeholders.

M.R. Zinc recycles all its own residues.

M.R. Zinc invites the members of zinc industry to contact us for the procurement of your zinc residues arising.